Why Local Matters

When you need to make a purchase of some kind, we want you to think “Local First”. That is the goal of “Adirondack Local First”. The variety of benefits that come from buying locally can have a considerable impact on your community. We will provide you with the reasons why you should be thinking “Local First”, so that you can become a contributor of this great movement.

multipler effectArguably the greatest benefit to shopping locally is that it helps a local economy prosper. A term called “The Local Multiplier Effect” provides a simplistic explanation (http://www.localmultiplier.com/). More money circulates through a local economy when you make a purchase at a local store as opposed to a large chain store. Only about one-third of the money spent in local businesses leaves the community. When buying from a large chain store, about twice that amount promptly leaves the area. Local businesses tend to buy a great deal of their merchandise from local producers. In addition, local businesses are owned by people who live in the community that their business is located. Therefore, they tend to invest more within their community because they have a real stake in its long-term economic future. This transferring of money gives a community a stronger economic base and a better sense of community well-being.

Local businesses help create jobs within their community. These businesses create self-employment and the employment of the locals that live there. Not just that, but they often provide better wages and experiences than chain stores do.

Shopping locally can also help protect the environment.  Local businesses tend to stock themselves with more local products. Therefore, their global footprint is reduced since the trip from producer to merchandiser is much shorter. Local businesses typically set up shop in the heart of their community. They are much more likely to set up in their town center as opposed to the fringe (like many chain stores make a habit of). This not only reduces habitat loss, but it also reduces sprawl and vehicle use.

Don’t buy what businesses want you to buy, buy what you want to buy. Local businesses have a better understanding of their market. They know what the locals want and need. They do not have to follow a national sales plan that tells them what they have to carry in their store. A market with a multitude of small local businesses allow for a greater variety of products that are specific to the customers wants and needs. This also promotes greater competition (ultimately leading to lower prices) and greater innovation.

Local businesses help retain a communities distinctiveness. “When people go on vacation they generally seek out destinations that offer them the sense of being someplace, not just anyplace” (Richard Moe, President, National Historic Preservation Trust). Local businesses help provide an identity to their community. When supporting a local business you are also supporting your community’s distinctive culture and character.

Generally speaking, local businesses are embraced by their community’s. People enjoy a local businesses one-of-a-kind aspects and their more personal and thoughtful approach to the wants and needs of the local consumers. However, consumers often forget that that a local businesses success and survival is dependent on their patronage. At Adirondack Local First we want you to remember that fact and all the benefits that can come from your patronage. Remember to Think Local First!