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When your business becomes a member of Adirondack Local First you’re participating in a growing movement around the country encouraging people to shop and do business with small, family owned businesses.


As a member of Adirondack Local First, your business will receive a page on the website with unlimited text and up to 5 pictures to enhance or even create a digital imprint for your business. You will be able to update your business listing every month! People will be able to search for your business by zip code, by category or by name. We will regularly feature a business on the website home page with a direct link to your Adirondack Local First page. And coming soon – you’ll be able to create and post videos of your business!

You will have the chance to hand out “Localist” cards to your friends and customers. You will also have the opportunity to offer special discounts and reward people for doing business with you.  These offers can be on-going or for time specific time period – it’s totally up to you! People will register their card on line and after doing so, will receive monthly newsletters highlighting the sales and events for the upcoming month.

1361296123767190As a member of Adirondack Local First you’ll receive a sticker with the logo to post in your store. A small stand up sign to promote that you are handing out “Localist” cards. We will also send you copies of the logo to include in any advertising or promotional materials you produce.

You’ll get all of this for less the $1 per day!


Is your business eligible to join? If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, then you can become a member!

  1. My business is privately held. (not publicly traded)
  2. My business is registered in the State of New York and headquartered in Northern NY.
  3. My business can make independent decisions regarding the name and look of my business as well as all my business purchasing, practices and distribution.

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